Families are Forever – Missionary FHE Kit

Family Home Evening ~

“We cannot afford to neglect this heaven-inspired program. It can bring spiritual growth to each member of the family, helping him or her to withstand the temptations which are everywhere. The lessons learned in the home are those that last the longest.”
~ President Thomas S. Monson.

We LOVE Missionaries and we LOVE sending Care Packages!

As our Missionaries are serving in multiple countries (Ecuador, Spain, Tahiti, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and the U.S.) we thought it would be fun to send them a box of Family Home Evening Lessons that they could share with a family in their respective areas. We made them simple, fun, and tried to hit the basic principles that our Missionaries would be teaching.

If you would like to send your own ‘Families are Forever – Family Home Evening’ Care Package to your Missionary – check out this kit we put together to help you do just that!

Your 20-Page Kit will include the following:

✔ 1-Introduction Letter with easy to follow instructions to help you put together the Perfect Care Package.
✔ 4- Large (11.5X8.5″) Adjustable Stickers to decorate your 4 box flaps of your shipping package. Just peel and stick! (These stickers are designed to fit a USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box and large UPS boxes. The stickers can also be easily trimmed to fit a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box as well as some Medium and Small UPS boxes or use your own box.) * Please note the kit does not include the actual box,
✔ 1-Box Introduction Letter to be placed in your Box right before you tape it up. This unique design lets your Missionary know the theme of your care package and that something special has been created just for them!
✔ 1-Page of Unique Envelope Designs that you can adhere to the front of your Letter to your Missionary and their Companion! This page is also printed on sticker paper – so you just need to cut them out and adhere to any envelope of your choice. It’s that easy!
✔ 1-Custom Missionary Letter for you to include with your personal Letter to your Missionary.
✔ 9-Pages of Custom Tags, Quotes, and ideas to help you put together the perfect care package to use throughout your box as desired that will continue on with your theme.
✔ 3-Pages of Greenie gift ideas and shopping hints to use for your Embark care package.

The prophets’ counsel us to hold family home evening because it is not only a way to build stronger family relationships, but also a way to bring a glimpse of the gospel to others. We wanted to help our Missionaries by sending them a whole bunch of new ways to share the gospel!

What Makes Family Home Evening Successful?
· Start and end with prayer. This invites the Spirit, increases love, and teaches your family how to pray.
· Learn from the scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets to help your family live the gospel.
· Add music, such as hymns and Primary songs, to create an atmosphere of love, peace, and joy.
· Make it fun by playing games, acting out scriptures stories, and making treats. Keep the atmosphere light and loving.
· Add variety. Help a neighbor in need, hold a lesson at the park, or go for a walk as a family.
Compare this principle to Missionary Work and Sharing the Gospel with others.

Forever Fun!  We picked up the packing boxes for free from the US Post Office. We chose to mail this size of box simply for economy – since all of our Missionaries were serving outside of the United States – it was just a few dollars more for us to send a Large Priority Box (12X12X5) vs. a Medium Priority Box.

FHE Time! As we decided on each ‘Missionary Box Theme’ which we based around a scripture or missionary teaching idea, we would then brainstorm fun ideas that could be included in our box. I often wondered if our missionaries realized how comprehensive we were in our themes! It honestly might have been just as much fun for us to build these boxes as it was for them to receive them!

Depending on the size of the box you are sending – you could include or delete any of the following items – or come up with a few of your own. We tried to make sure that most of our items could be used to enhance missionary discussions, to be given away, to decorate their missionary apartments and left for future missionaries when they moved on, or simply eaten and enjoyed. But of course there were always a few that were just for fun!

For this ‘Box we had 7 moms contributing items – so we each brought the following:
1. One Handwritten Letter for Each Missionary with their individual names on them. (7 Letters Total)
2. One Blank Card for our Missionary’s Companion for us all to sign. (1 Card Total)
3. One Complete Family Home Evening Lesson (7 Total). This could be anything that our missionaries could present to a family they are teaching.
4. One Gift for our Missionaries in the ‘Families are Forever’ Theme. (7 Total)
5. Something Fun just for our Missionaries for Summer.

You’ve Got Mail! One thing we always included in all of our Missionary Box Mom Boxes was a personalized letter to each Missionary from each Mother. Inside our letters we included our testimonies, the reason we chose that particular item to include in the box, along with uplifting messages filled with love. a lot of the items won’t make much sense as to why you are including them in the box unless you explain how it specifically applies to your Missionary and to Missionary Work. Many times over I have received thank you letters from our Missionaries – but the things they thanked us for the most was the letters we included. It’s just a little piece of ‘Home’ in a box! So don’t forget to write!

Missionary Family Home Evening Lesson Ideas:

1. You Are The Light Of The World (Multiple printables for this lesson are included in the MBM kit.)
Glow Sticks
Picture Carry the Light by Roger Loveless
Tiny table clock
Be the Light Magnet
You could also include any ‘Light of the World’ items available at Deseret Book. 

Look at the picture ‘Carry the Light’ by Roger Loveless. Notice that Christ is standing in the doorway waiting to shine His light in our lives. He is also holding this candle to us and asking us to carry His light to the world and those around us. Notice the city on the hill and how everyone that passes by can not help but see the lights. Everyone that sees you can see the countenance of Jesus in your face. Also they can see the good works that you do that glorify your God. The clock is to remind you that every minute of the day is your time to shine.

Matthew 5:14-16
Matthew 6:22
Luke 1:79
Luke 11: 33-36
John 8:12
Romans 13:12-14
2 Corinthians 4: 4-6
Ephesians 5:8
Philippians 2:15
James 1:17
1 Peter 2:9
1 John 1: 5-7 & 1 John 2: 8-11

The countenance of Jesus Christ is a real visible thing. People can see it in you face! As the world gets more lost and confused and wicked your light will appear even brighter to others. Cherish the opportunity when people ask about this brightness because it gives you an opportunity to share the gospel and the Plan of Happiness! We want to have powerful spirits and bright lights in our faces. The more serious we are about the gospel, the more we read our scriptures, the more we pray, the more we love and serve others the stronger and brighter our light will be. And that is a powerful missionary tool! People will want to ask you who you are and why you are different and why you are so happy. That will want to know what you know. This light gives us knowledge, it guides us, and it protects us, and gives peace and comfort in an ever darkening world.


2. Missionary Object Lessons: Ideas for Gospel Teaching using Food Coloring (The Cards for these lessons are included in the MBM Kit).
Assorted Food Coloring
Pail: Mini Size Clear
Laminated Missionary Object Lesson Pack (Use a split ring or ribbon to secure the cards together)

Families are Forever Gift Pack
3X4 Salt Lake Temple Photo .50 cents
Bookmark: Owls – Families are Forever .60 cents
Pencil (Pink or Blue) Families are Forever .50 cents
Blue Plaque Families are Forever $1.99
Zipper Pull Blue Families are Forever $1.99
2 Conference Talks (Links Below)
New Era December 1994: Families are Forever by Gretel J. Backman
General Conference October 1996: The Eternal Family by Robert D. Hales Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

3. Wooden Blocks w/ Families are Forever & Temple 
Make your own Temple Block using Modge Podge and any Temple Photo or use one that says Families are Forever. 

4. Missionary Newsletter

One year ago I created a Missionary Newsletter for our 8 missionaries currently serving and our 2 soon to be leaving Sister Missionaries. One of our Elders said it was just like receiving letters from Alma – out on your mission – to hear about how your friends were doing and learning about their missions. This year he and several of our other missionaries asked me to do a Second Edition Newsletter so that they could again hear about how things were going with the others around the world! The 2 Sisters were now out serving, 4 of our original Missionaries were already home at this point and 2 of those had already married – so I included an update on them as well. I emailed each of our missionaries a few weeks ahead of our Missionary Box Mom night and asked them the following questions so that I could put it together for them.

1. Please send me 3 or 4 pictures of you on your mission – preferably close up ones. (If you don’t send me any I will try and get them from your moms.)
2. What is or was something that you have learned on your mission that surprised you most?
3. What is or was something that you have learned from one of your companions?
4. Tell everyone something you would like them to know either about yourself or your mission?
5. Describe your missionary apartment/house/piso?
6. What kind of foods do you cook/eat and where do you shop for food?
7. What is the strangest or most unusual thing you have eaten on your mission?
8. How do you do laundry?
9. Tell your worst but funniest memory of your mission?
10. How do you get around on your mission? (Car, Walk, Bike, Train, Taxi, Roller Skates)
11. How many members are in your area?
12. How many investigators?
13. What is your favorite scripture?
14. What do you hope to take away from your mission?
15. What one thing do you wish you had known before you left on your mission?
16. Would you have packed something different or taken something out when you departed for your mission?
17. What one thing has helped boost your spirits when you find yourself down? (Hopefully this doesn’t happen to often!)
18. Which Missionary Mom Box that you have received was your favorite and why?
18. What are some things that have helped you in your mission life that have been included in these crazy crazy crazy boxes?

5. Restoration Wheel Plan of Salvation Puzzle Printable
Jesus Christ restored the
gospel through Joseph Smith

Temples of the Lord (Robert A. Boyd) card set $3.99
When explaining that Families are essential to God’s plan and that we can live together forever, it may be nice to hand them a picture of a temple. Or put them on your walls!
Commandment Keepers Bingo Game found on Finch Family Games.

6. Families are Forever FHE Lesson
General Conference April 2015: The Family is of God by Carole M. Stephens
Printable from So You Think You Can Learn

7. Gospel Art Book (to give away)
Family Photo: We Believe

8. Box of Prayer Hands

Individually wrapped Sticky Hands with prayer quote. (Quote Included in the MBM Kit.)

The 5 Points of Prayer
1. Dear Heavenly Father…
2. I Thank Thee For…
3. I Ask Thee For…
4. Please Forgive Me For…
5. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Quote: By becoming the answer to someone’s Prayer we often find the answers to our own. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

9. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Game

Dare to Compare Game (Printable included in the MBM Kit).
Caution: Contains Weird & Wild Flavors!
What is BeanBoozled? It’s fun in a box! This special gift box edition comes with a spinner, 10 wild and weird flavors and 10 look-alike tasty beans. Is it Licorice…or Skunk Spray? Is it Juicy Pear…or Booger? Spin the wheel to find out! Fake out your companions but just don’t get BeanBoozled yourself!
These jelly beans may look alike but they could not taste more different from each other. Think you can tell them apart? We dare you! Have fun! Good Luck!!!

Licorice or Skunk Spray
Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg
Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food
Juicy Pear or Booger
Coconut or Baby Wipes
Top Banana or Pencil Shavings
Berry Blue or Toothpaste
Peach or Barf
Caramel Corn or Moldy Cheese
Strawberry Jam or Centipede

Liahona October 2014: Deceptions by Elder M. Russell Ballard Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

New Era January 2016: Walking the Lonely Road to Church by Sydney L. Spackman

10. Jaw Busters Candy : (Printable included in the MBM kit)
When Satan tries to ‘Bust’ up the Family, remember what we believe and teach…Families are Forever!

Our Actions & Consequences FHE found on A Year of FHE

11. Plan of Salvation Kit (Printables in 2 languages (Spanish & English) included in the MBM kit.)

This is perfect for anyone needing to teach the Plan of Salvation very simply.

Scripture: ALMA 22:23 (Aaron is teaching King Lamoni’s father about the Plan of Salvation.

“And Aaron did expound unto him the scriptures from the creation of Adam, laying the fall of man before him, and their carnal state and also the plan of redemption, which was prepared from the foundation of the world, through Christ, for all whosoever would believe on his name.”

Song: I KNOW MY FATHER LIVES (Children’s Songbook, pg 5)
We lived before we were born. We lived with our Heavenly Father as spirits. We are his literal spirit children! We wanted to become like him. So our Heavenly Father presented a plan for us to come to Earth and gain a body and experience.

Abraham 3:22-25 “many noble and great one…”
D&C 93:29 “Man was also in the beginning with God.”
Acts 17: 29 “offspring of God.”
Jeremiah 1:5 “before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee…”

“You elected to have this earth experience as part of His plan for you. The prophets call it ‘the plan of mercy,’ ‘the eternal plan of deliverance,’ ‘the plan of salvation,’ and yes, ‘the great plan of happiness.’ You were taught this plan before you came to earth and there rejoiced in the privilege of participating in it.” (Richard G. Scott, Ensign, Nov. 1996, 73).

When we chose to come to Earth we passed through a “veil of forgetfulness” and we have no memories of our premortal existence. Even though we don’t remember our pre-earth life, we can still feel our Heavenly Father near. The Holy Ghost let’s us feel of the love of our Father and Jesus Christ.

“How grateful we should be that a wise Creator fashioned an earth and placed us here, with a veil of forgetfulness of our previous existence, so that we might experience a time of testing, an opportunity to prove ourselves, and qualify for all that God has prepared for us to receive.”(President Thomas S. Monson, April 1988 General Conference)

When we came to Earth we got a physical body made in the image of our Heavenly Father. During our time on earth we make choices and distinguish right from wrong. We gain happiness and become more like our Heavenly Father when we make good choices.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, made it possible for us to repent and overcome bad choices through His Atonement.

2 Nephi 2:25 – Men are that they might have joy.Genesis 2:7 – God formed man.1 Corinthians 3:16-17 – Your body is a temple.Alma 12:24 – This life is a time to prepare to meet God
“We came to this earth that we might have a body and present it pure before God in the celestial kingdom. The great principle of happiness consists in having a body. The devil has no body, and herein is his punishment. He is pleased when he can obtain the tabernacle of man, and when cast out by the Savior he asked to go into the herd of swine, showing that he would prefer a swine’s body to having none.
“All beings who have bodies have power over those who have not” (Smith, Teachings, 181).
“No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude and humility. All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable, more worthy to be called the children of God … and it is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire and which will make us more like our Father and Mother in heaven” (Orson F. Whitney, in Kimball, Faith Precedes the Miracle, 98).
When our Earth life is over, our body and spirit separate; this is called physical death. Death is an essential part of Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation. In order to become like our Eternal Father, we must experience death and later receive perfect, resurrected bodies. Our spirit goes to the Spirit World and our bodies go to the grave. The Spirit World is divided into two parts: Spirit Paradise and Spirit Prison. Here we help teach the gospel to those who haven’t received it yet. We also wait in the Spirit World for the resurrection.
Moses 6:48 – Because of the Fall, we all die.
2 Nephi 9:6 – Death will come to all men.
Alma 40:11-14 – Spirits of all men are taken home to that great God who gave them life; Spirit world.
1 Peter 4:6 – Gospel preached to those in the Spirit World
Doctrine and Covenants 138 – A vision given to Joseph F Smith concerning the Spirit World
President Ezra Taft Benson said: “Sometimes the veil between this life and the life beyond becomes very thin. Our loved ones who have passed on are not far from us” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1971, 18; or Ensign, June 1971, 33)
We will all be resurrected; our body and spirit will come back together never to be divided. We will then stand at the judgement bar to be judged for our faithfulness and good choices/deeds upon the Earth.
Doctrine & Covenants 138:17 – spirit and body united, never again to be divided.
Revelation 1:18 – Christ holds the keys to hell and death.
Revelation 20:12 – Judged out of the Book of Life
Doctrine & Covenants 137:9 – Judged according to our works and desires
Matthew 12:36-37 – We will be judged by our words
The “lively hope” we are given by the resurrection is our conviction that death is not the conclusion of our identity but merely a necessary step in the destined transition from mortality to immortality. This hope changes the whole perspective of mortal life. The assurance of resurrection and immortality affects how we look on the physical challenges of mortality, how we live our mortal lives, and how we relate to those around us (Dallin H Oaks, April 2000 Conference).”
“Every one of you … must stand before ‘the judgment-seat of the Holy One of Israel … and then must … be judged according to the holy judgment of God.’ (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Harold B. Lee[2000], 226–27).”
“First, I speak of the final judgment. This is that future occasion in which all of us will stand before the judgment seat of Christ to be judged according to our works. (Dallin H Oaks, CES Fireside May 1, 1998).”
At our final judgement, we will inherit a place in God’s kingdom for which we are prepared. There are 3 degrees of glory: Celestial Kingdom, Terrestrial Kingdom, Telestial Kingdom. If we prove faithful to the Lord, we will live in the highest degree of the celestial kingdom of heaven. We will become exalted, to live with our Heavenly Father in eternal families. Exaltation is the greatest gift that Heavenly Father can give His children. {The gold boy is the exalted mortal.}

(See D&C 76 for in depth explanation of the 3 Degrees of Glory)
Doctrine & Covenants 14:7 – Gift of Eternal Life to the Faithful1 Corinthians 15:40-41 – Degrees of glory compared to sun, moon and stars Doctrine & Covenants 76:70 – Celestial Glory seen in vision Doctrine & Covenants 76:71 – Terrestrial Gory seen in vision Doctrine & Covenants 76:80 – Telestial Glory seen in vision
“Each of you will be judged according to your individual works and the desires of your hearts. … Your eventual placement in the celestial, terrestrial, or telestial kingdom will not be determined by chance. The Lord has prescribed unchanging requirements for each. You can know what the scriptures teach and pattern your lives accordingly” (Russell M Nelson in Conference Report, Oct. 1993, 48; or Ensign, Nov. 1993, 35).
Quick Summary: “At one time we were in the presence of our Eternal Father. There is not a soul in this room, not one, that has not seen him. You do not remember it, I do not remember it, but nevertheless there was a time before we ever came into this world when we dwelt in his presence. We knew what kind of a being he is. One thing we saw was how glorious he is. Another thing, how great was his wisdom, his understanding, how wonderful was his power and his inspiration. And we wanted to be like him. And because we wanted to be like him, we are here. We could not be like him and stay in his presence, because we did not have glorious bodies of flesh and bones. We were just spirits, and the spirit does not have flesh and bones. But we saw him in his glory and it was made known to us that by keeping his commandments and observing every covenant that would be given to us on this earth, we could come back again into his presence, receiving our bodies in the resurrection from the dead—our spirits and bodies being united again, inseparably, never again to be divided.
“If we will just be true and faithful to every covenant, to every principle of truth that he has given us, then after the resurrection we would come back into his presence and we would be just like he is. We would have the same kind of bodies—bodies that would shine like the sun” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Take Heed to Yourselves! 345).

12. Families are Forever Chalk Board

13. Quote Pictures to Decorate Missionary Study Desk

Flying Higher Through Adversity Lesson (In 3 languages below) English version included in the MBM kit. 
Punch Balls
Colorfly Diamond Kite by In the breeze Kites

English Version
To illustrate how challenges and trials can make us stronger and bring us closer to God
“Come, Come Ye Saints” #30 in Hymns
1. Ask, “What is one of the most important things when you fly a kite?” (the wind)
2. Help your family understand that one of the main reasons Heavenly Father sent us to this planet is to experience trials and adversity. Explain that these challenges can be like the wind. They help us ‘climb higher’ and become more like our Heavenly Father.
3. Discuss how these challenges each person has faced has made them stronger:
4. You may want to read and discuss one or more of the following:
a. D&C 122:1-9
b. Elder Orson F. Whitney: “No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude and humility. All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable, more worthy to be called the children of God . . . and it is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire and which will make us more like our Father and Mother in heaven” (as quoted in Faith Precedes the Miracle, 98).
5. You may want to share the following poem from the book, Charlie’s Monument, by Blaine M. Yorgason.
Before He sent his children to earth
Gave each of them
A very carefully selected package
Of problems.
He promised, smiling,
Are yours alone. No one
Else may have the blessings
These problems will bring you.
And only you
Have the special talents and abilities
That will be needed
To make these problems
Your servants.
Now go down to your birth
And to your forgetfulness. Know that
I love you beyond measure.
These problems that I give you
Are a symbol of that love.
The monuments you make of your life
With the help of your problems
Will be a symbol of your
Love for me,
Your Father.
~ Blaine M. Yorgason
6. Testify that our Heavenly Father gives us challenges and trials to build our character and help us become more like Him.
Spanish Version
Para ilustrar cómo los desafíos y pruebas pueden hacernos más fuertes y acercarnos a Dios
¡Oh, está todo bien! #17
1. pregunte, “¿Qué es una de las cosas más importantes al hacer volar una cometa”? (el viento)
2. que su familia entienda que uno de los principales motivos que nuestro padre celestial nos envió a este planeta es experimentar pruebas y adversidades. Explicar que estos desafíos pueden ser como el viento. Ellos nos ayudan ‘subir más alto’ y llegar a ser más a nuestro padre celestial.
3. discutir cómo estos desafíos que ha enfrentado cada persona les ha hecho más fuerte:
4. quizá quieras leer y discutir uno o más de las siguientes opciones:
a. D&C 122:1-9
b. Élder Orson F. Whitney dijo: “Ningún dolor que suframos ni ninguna prueba que experimentemos es en vano… Todo lo que sufrimos y todo lo que soportamos, especialmente cuando lo hacemos con paciencia, edifica nuestro carácter, purifica nuestros corazones, expande nuestras almas y nos hace más sensibles y caritativos… Es mediante las penas y el sufrimiento, la dificultad y la tribulación que ganamos la educación que hemos venido a adquirir aquí”.
5. quizá quieras compartir el siguiente poema del libro, monumento de Charlie, por Blaine M. Yorgason.
Antes de que envió a sus hijos a la tierra
Cada uno de ellos dio
Un paquete cuidadosamente seleccionado
De los problemas.
Él ha prometido, sonriendo,
Son solo tuya. Nadie
Otra cosa que tenga las bendiciones
Estos problemas le traerá.
Y sólo a ti
Tienen las habilidades y talentos especiales
Se necesitarán
Para hacer estos problemas
Tus siervos.
Ahora ve a tu nacimiento
Y tu olvido. Sé
Te amo sin medida.
Estos problemas que te doy
Son un símbolo de ese amor.
Los monumentos que haces de tu vida
Con la ayuda de sus problemas
Será un símbolo de su
Amor por mí,
Su padre.
~ Blaine M. Yorgason
6. declarar que nuestro padre celestial nos da retos y pruebas para desarrollar nuestro carácter y nos ayudan a ser más como él.
Volando cometa

French Version

Pour illustrer comment les défis et essais peuvent nous rendre plus forts et apportez nous rapproche de Dieu
« Venez, venez vous Saints » #30 dans hymnes
1. demander, « Ce qui est une des choses plus importantes lorsque vous volez un cerf-volant? » (le vent)
2. aide votre famille comprend que l’une des principales raisons pour que notre Père céleste nous a envoyé sur cette planète est à l’expérience des épreuves et l’adversité. Expliquer que ces défis peuvent être comme le vent. Ils nous aident à « monter plus haut » et devenir plus comme notre Père céleste.
3. Discutez Comment ces défis chaque personne a leur a fait plus fort :
4. vous pouvez lire et discuter une ou plusieurs des opérations suivantes :
a. 122:1 D & C-9
b. Orson F. Whitney aîné: « aucune douleur que nous souffrons, aucun procès que nous subissons n’est gaspillée. Il les ministres à notre éducation, au développement de qualités telles que la patience, de foi, de courage et d’humilité. Tout ce que nous souffrons et tout ce que nous endurons, surtout quand nous supporter patiemment, nos personnages s’accumule, purifie nos cœurs, élargit nos âmes et nous rend plus tendre et plus charitable, plus dignes d’être appelés enfants de Dieu… et c’est par le biais de douleur et souffrance, peiner et tribulation, que nous gagnons l’éducation que nous venons ici pour acquérir et qui nous rendra plus comme notre père et mère dans le ciel “(tel que cité dans la foi précède Le Miracle, 98).
5. vous pouvez partager le poème suivant tiré du livre, Monument de Charlie, par Blaine M. Yorgason.
Auparavant, il a envoyé ses enfants à la terre
A donné à chacun d’eux
Un paquet très soigneusement sélectionné
Des problèmes.
Ces derniers,
Il a promis, sourire aux lèvres,
Sont à vous seul. Personne ne
D’autre peuvent avoir les bénédictions
Ces problèmes vous apportera.
Et vous seul
Avoir les talents particuliers
Qui seront nécessaires
Pour rendre ces problèmes
Tes serviteurs.
Maintenant, allez vers le bas à votre naissance
Et à votre oubli. Savoir que
Je t’aime sans commune mesure.
Ces problèmes que je vous donne
Sont un symbole de cet amour.
Les monuments que vous faites de votre vie
Avec l’aide de vos problèmes
Sera un symbole de votre
Amour pour moi,
Votre père.
~ Blaine M. Yorgason
6. témoignent que notre Père céleste nous donne des défis et des essais visant à construire notre personnalité et nous aider à devenir plus comme lui.
Summer Fun Items: 

Sling Shot
Jump Cord & Flower Pen 
Finger Shooters 
Rad Flyer Disc 
Paddleball Game 
Orange Cup Cake Mix & Frosting 
Homemade Bug Spray –

We Love Our Missionaries!!!

Families Are Forever Shopping List

Deseret Book
Temples of the Lord (Robert A. Boyd) card set $3.99

3X4 Salt Lake Temple Photo .50 cents

Bookmark: Owls – Families are Forever .60 cents

Pencil (Pink or Blue) Families are Forever .50 cents

Blue Plaque Families are Forever $1.99

Zipper Pull Blue Families are Forever $1.99

Eternity Temple Greeting Card (It was a wedding card but I covered the words with a 3X4 picture of a temple and used it as a Families are Forever card.)

Wal Mart
Assorted Food Coloring (4-Pack) Used 2 Packs per Pail

Dollar Tree Stores

Glow Sticks

Miniature Chalk Board

Oriental Trading Company
Individually wrapped Sticky Hands


Punch Balls

Carry the Light 8X10 print by Roger Loveless (You can also try Amazon)

Tiny Table Clocks (You can also try Ebay for the clocks)

Make your own Magnet stickers

Craft Store
Pail Mini Size Clear $2.00
Assorted Colorful Ribbons

Hallmark Store or Amazon.com
Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Game and Refills 

Hobby Lobby
Split Rings for Cards


Newsletter Book Binding