Ladybug Motivational Box Kit

How Brave a Ladybug Must Be!

Each drop of Rain as Big as She.

Can you imagine what you’d do,

If raindrops fell as big as you?

President Thomas S. Monson, in his General Conference talk, Finding Joy in the Journey relayed a quote of the ancient Roman philosopher Horace who admonished, “Whatever hour God has blessed you with, take it with a grateful hand, nor postpone your joys from year to year, so that in whatever place you have been, you may say that you have lived happily.”

This box is meant to help our Missionaries do just that – Find Joy in Their Journeys – and give them a little pick me up as they diligently serve our Heavenly Father! Everything inside is meant to inspire and bring a smile to their sweet faces and to remind them how much they are loved so they can always have a pep in their step!

This box can be sent any time of year but some of the Ladybug items are more easily found in the Spring and around Easter time. If you plan to send it later in the year – just purchase the Ladybug items early and save them. Or better yet, buy them right after Easter when everything goes on clearance!

Do the Ladybug Flap!!! It’s always so fun to see the pictures our missionaries send home of them opening up their crazy boxes decorated in whatever the theme of box is. 

I Spotted Some Mail!!! One thing we always included in all of our Missionary Box Mom Boxes was a personalized letter to each Missionary from each Mother. Inside our letters we included our testimonies, the reason we chose that particular item to include in the box, along with uplifting messages filled with love. A lot of the items won’t make much sense as to why you are including them in the box unless you explain how it specifically applies to your Missionary and to Missionary Work. Many times over I have received thank you letters from our Missionaries – but the things they thanked us all for the most was the letters we included. It’s just a little piece of ‘Home’ in a box! So don’t forget to write!

Print off the following conference talks and stories:

Conference Talk October 2008: Finding Joy in the Journey by Thomas S. Monson President of the Church

Conference Talk April 2006: The Abundant Life by Joseph B. Wirthlin Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Story: ‘Let’s Pretend You’re A Ladybug’ by Wendy Pfeffer – Friend May 1982

Seminaries and Institutes of Religion Satellite Broadcast August 5, 2014: Teaching with Righteous Principles by Elder Paul V. Johnson

Story: ‘Ladybug Lesson’ by Rachel Y, Friend April 2007

Friend: Ladybug Racer Instructions

General Conference April 2000: Keep an Eternal Perspective by Jay E. Jensen Of the First Quorum of the Seventy

Crazy Creative!!! Depending on the size of the box you are sending – you could include or delete any of the following items – or come up with a few of your own. We tried to make sure that most of our items could be used to enhance missionary discussions, to be given away, to decorate their missionary apartments and left for future missionaries when they moved on, or simply eaten and enjoyed. But of course there were always a few that were just for fun!

Shopping List:

Grocery Store
Pop Tarts – Strawberry Flavor
Smuckers Strawberry Jam Squeeze Bottle
Ladybug Easter Eggs (At Easter Time only)
Oreo’s – Berry Burst Ice Cream Flavor
Pillsbury Moist Supreme Strawberry Cake
Betty Crocker Raspberry Sherbet or Strawberry Frosting
Ladybug Micro Mylar Kite $2.99
You can include your Missionary’s favorite Red or Black food items

Craft Store
Haribo Raspberries Gummi Candy $1.99
Character Spiral Notepad Ladybug Design $1.00
Cellophane Bag w/Black Swirl Design
L.A. Colors Nail Polish $1.00 (Sisters)
L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover (32 Pads) $1.00

JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft
Furry Shades Sunglasses – Ladybug Design
Ladybug Ribbon

Party Place
Celebration Gumballs (Red and Black)
Cupcake decorating kit – Ladybug
Party Sweets – Butter Mints – Ladybug Wrapper
Plastic Cylinder Tubes w/lid
Inflatable Ladybug Ball $1.99

Ladybug Bouncy Ball $1.99
Ladybug Whirl Pen
Tiny Clay Pot w/Flower Fan w/Note Clip w/ladybug
Ladybug Treat Boxes

Michaels Craft
Ladybug Ribbon (3 Designs)

Utah/Idaho Supply
Mini Accents Ladybugs
Ladybug Stickers

Dollar Tree Store
Ladybug Design Snack Containers 2-Count (In Baby Section)
Red & Black Colander (Kindof looks like a Ladybug)
Ladybug Scrub Buddy Dish Scrubber
Ladybug Snack Bag Clips – In Baby Section
Ladybug Washcloth – In Baby Section
Ladybug Dustpan
Ladybug Hand Sanitizer
Spring Fling Ladybug Bounce Ball
Ladybug Toothbrush Holder
Ladybug Headband (Sisters)

Garden Gummys Cup (8oz.) $2.99

Seagull Book
Built Big Apple Buddies Sandwich/Snack Bag 2-Pack Lafayette Ladybug Design $2.49
Red Magnetic Board (7X9) Add Magnets $2.99
Cosmetic Travel Bag $3.99

Hobby Lobby
Ladybug Wooden Frame (In Wood Department)

Deseret Book
Live Love Laugh Quote Book (Yellow) $5.95
Journal (Red) “Everything you are learning is preparation for something else” Marjorie Pay Hinckley $8.99
Bookmark “Life’s Truest Happiness is found in the friendships you make along the way” $1.99
5X7 and 3X4 Picture Cards $.50 to $1.99

Elements Bath and Body Supply (To make the ladybug design soap on a rope)
Soap Base: Melt & Pour Super Clear
Mica: Pearl White Sparkles
Fragrance: Tart Lemon
Liquid Colorant: Cola
Liquid Colorant: True Red

Making your own soap is fun and easy so if you have never tried melt and pour soap crafting before – now is your chance!!! The materials are easy to find and the steps are not complicated at all.

Most of the supplies will be available in your local craft store or your own kitchen at home – but I purchased a lot of my supplies online at Elements Bath and Body (a Wholesale Soap Making Company).

Materials Needed:
1. Melt and Pour (AKA “Glycerin”) Soap Base
This is a pre-made soap that comes in clear or white blocks. The white is the same as the clear base, but with a white colorant. It’s a basic soap that you can melt in the microwave, add colorants and fragrance to, and remold in any flexible container you have.
2. Rubbing Alcohol and a spray bottle
This is your best friend, and you will need it for every soap project. Just fill a small spray bottle with isopropyl rubbing alcohol from a drugstore and you are ready to go. A few light sprays will pop any surface bubbles when you’re done pouring the soap. It also makes soap layers adhere to one another if your are doing a multiple layer project.
3. Colorant (Liquid Colorant and or Micas can be used)
FD&C colorants are what you’ll most likely find at your local craft store. These look like liquid food colors and are practically the same, but not edible. Micas are made of little powdery flakes that are dyed. They are shimmery and sometimes even sparkle. Micas come as a powder so you will need to stir in a little rubbing alcohol to them before adding them to your project.
4. Fragrance Oils
One of the most exciting parts of making soap is choosing the fragrance. The options are practically infinite. You can find everything from tangy lemon to S’More scents. When shopping for fragrance oils make sure they are specifically for soap making. Do not use fragrance oils you buy at a grocery store intended for candles or extracts.
5. Soap Molds
One of the coolest thing about melt and pour soaps is that is takes the form of anything you pour it into, so there are many options. Whatever you choose – make sure it’s flexible, like plastic or silicone, so you can unmold your soap. Glass and metal are not good choices.
6. Stir Sticks (Popsicle Sticks work great)
7. Glass bowl to melt the soap in the microwave.
I use a large Pampered Chef Batter Bowl or a large Pyrex measuring Cup.

Pioneer Party and Gift
Penny Pincher Ladybug Coin Holder
The Tiny Little Ladybug Poem and Glass Ladybug
Black and White Polka dot cellophane gift bag

This tiny little ladybug
though small as it may be,
is filled with loving wishes
just for you from me.

luck and good fortune
is the gift that it brings,
good health and happiness
and only good things.

This little ladybug may be carried
in a pocket, held, or placed on
a shelf.
Tovolo 80-9666 Bug Pop Molds $8.46

Ladybug Footcare Products