Missionary Box Moms Begins

Have Faith! Have Fun! Send Love & Support to Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Around the World!

My Missionary Mom story begins much like that of any other – I was anxious and excited to see when and where my son would serve. I had butterflies when his call arrived in the mail and nervously awaited that moment when he read the letter from President Thomas S. Monson, “Dear Elder Letts, You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Malaga Spain Mission for a period of 24 months.” This is the point where people tend to erupt into cheers and tears and I know I definitely did a little of both.

The day we dropped him off at the airport was such an emotional day. It is such a strange feeling to be so proud – but yet so gutted at the same time. How can any mother survive sending their child off to a foreign land for 2 years? As we circled out of the airport I turned to my family and said, “I need to find some way to serve during these next two years or I’m never going to survive this.” The next day I called my close friends, that also had sons or daughters currently serving or soon to go, and the Missionary Box Moms began our journey together. Our first attempt, I must admit, was a little bit feeble. As we each searched the internet, Pinterest, Google, LDS.org, and many other sites – we realized that there really is not a lot of places to find organized information for ways to support missionaries. We all wanted to send fun but also spiritual boxes to our kids so, through the months, we worked really hard to come up with themes and ideas of ways to do just that.

I hope that our efforts may help you support your sons and daughters as they head out into unknown territory with Faith in Every Footstep.

Much Love to You, Your Family, and especially to your Missionary,


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